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Come pick your forklift assistant

Come pick your forklift assistant

With the rapid development of warehousing technology, forklifts are no longer a tool to simply move goods from point A to point B. It has become an intelligent mobile information technology center.

In a sense, today's forklift operators are driving industrial-grade computers that can carry full-load pallets while collecting valuable data throughout their environment.
Crown's InfoLink operator and fleet management system has been in existence for several years and has undergone several iterations of update iterations. It is the recognized forklift interconnect management system on the market, which not only improves the safety of the daily operation of the forklift, but also Provide an important information carrier for customers.

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What can forklift technology bring?

1--- Reduce collision

According to the survey, in some operations, the accidental collision of forklifts is more than 50 times a day, and the loss caused by these collisions has become the cost of the enterprise, but for the management personnel, fully understand these collisions. And taking measures is a very difficult matter.

Using Crown's InfoLink operators and fleet management systems, you can efficiently collect collision data and plot accurate models of when, where, and under what conditions. Using the above model, warehouse managers can accurately identify the areas of the warehouse that are most likely to collide and the operators most likely to be involved, and prescribe the right medicines, thus greatly reducing the occurrence of such collisions and avoiding unnecessary losses.

2--- Simplify the compliance process

Every business has a compliance process that ensures operational security, but how to ensure that these processes work makes management a challenge.

With Crown's InfoLink operator and fleet management system, it is possible to pre-set only those who have the relevant equipment operating qualifications to activate the equipment; before starting the equipment, the operator can also answer the relevant safety questions, or The inspection of the truck is completed by a specific operation before the equipment can be started to ensure the safety of each operation.

3--- Real-time operator instructions

In a busy warehouse, ensuring efficient operation of all forklift equipment is the key to improving the efficiency of the entire warehouse; however, due to the unsafe operation of a forklift, it may cause serious consequences, or it may affect the entire passage, or even the entire The operation of the warehouse.

Using Crown's InfoLink operator and fleet management system, it provides behavioral guidance for every forklift in operation, including more rational route planning to avoid channel congestion; InfoLink will act on the unsafe behavior of operators The operator will be alerted in time by voice or visual warning to avoid accidents.

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Exhibition notice
At this LogiMAT exhibition, Crown has introduced the new InfoLink with a 7-inch large-screen display for the first time. To unlock more advanced features, welcome to our booth, our professional technicians will give you a live demonstration. .

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